16 Feb 2007


Development period

  • Rehearsal room; a series of Thursday evening rehearsals in the Guinness room have been planned
  • Ideally; PA with long trailing mic, ghettoblaster, video camera, laptop, wireless internet access, spare hard drive, video projector, two long tables, eight chairs, one music stand
  • Costume requirements are minimal, each player to have three costumes for the show
    • Performer's own casual clothes
    • SHAM costumes; charity-shop suits sprayed with copper plasticote paint, strange hats made from hanging-basket liners (as above)
    • Concet blacks
  • Props;
    • Possibly scrap/junk/homemade instruments in addition to performer's own

Final rehearsal and performance

  • Guinness for one week, all day every day; this has been agreed, Sun 27 April - Friday 2 May
  • Set to be determined; either no set, a nothing-is-hidden space, or, an idea exists for using black drapes to substantially reconfigure space. Maybe something to project video on; tables, chairs, ghettoblaster, music stands etc as used in rehearsal period. Maybe a clothes rail or two. Maybe television monitors instead of video projection.

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