16 Feb 2007

The People

The following people will be involved throughout the project;
  • Composer
  • Six musicians
  • Second supervisor
The musicians may be recruited from the SOM, with their participation in the project as part of their program of study, or may be recent graduates. The current lineup is as follows;
  • Kay Stephen - violin (viola)
  • Paddy Johnson - cello
  • Fraser Langton - clarinet
  • George Kastanos - sax
  • Tim Cooper - euphonium
  • Richard Waghorn - piano
The second supervisor will have an intermittent relationship with the project, to be negotiated.

The following additional people will be needed in the final phase of the project;
  • Stage management team
  • Lighting designer
  • (Possibly) extra videographer/s to document performance
It is not anticipated that the staging or lighting will be particularly elaborate, but there may well be some fairly complex live and recorded multimedia in the piece, including video projection. Exact needs to be determined by, say, midway through the devising period.

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