1 Aug 2008

Online review of Glasgow show

Just found a review of the Glasgow show which I'd previously missed, on Rob Saunders' blog Eine Kleine Nichtmusik.


Rob said...

Thanks for the link. Now please can you put the "Sibelius" bit somewhere accessible for viewing at leisure (so mere tyros like myself can pick up on the bits we missed in the live show)?

Rob said...

I note that your Edinburgh performances aren't in the Fringe programme (printed or online). I've stuck details on my blog in the hope of increasing their visibility a tiny bit. Might make it to one of the Saturday shows.

J. Simon van der Walt said...

Point taken; I'm working on a video preview of the show which would include at least some of that section, but it's taking some time.

And you're right, when we did the sums the cost of the Fringe listing seemed disproportionate; so thanks for the plug!

Andrew Bethune said...

Your show was recommended to me but unfortunately I wasn't able to go to it. I did watch the preview clip though. Very catchy song. The words say something very profound about life.

Any chance you could bring the show to Cambridge? The Mumford Theatre possibly?